Welcome to Natural Grace Wellness!

I’m Janelle, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Leader with doTERRA. 


A few years ago wellness became a priority in my life, prompting me to take the initiative to expand my knowledge and learn about healthy alternatives, essential oils being one of them. 

Following my passion, I launched my business in 2015 to help others discover the tools necessary to live a high energy, natural, and vibrant life. 

I studied at West Chester University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Business and my Holistic Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 


To further nurture my mind, body, and soul I enjoy traveling, outdoor adventures, yoga, matcha anything, touring vineyards and smoothie shops, volleyball, hiking, horseback riding, and antiquing. 

I believe in balance and doing things to feel beautiful and healthy from the inside out. After all, it all starts from within- body, mind and soul. 

I’d be honored to work with you, guide you, and encourage you to seek the knowledge needed for you to live a healthy and vibrant life. 

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